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Periodically Fondazione Hubruzzo organizes regional and national meetings or it participates to meetings organized by other stakeholders of the territory. Below are some of the already organized events:

July 2, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati on “The new development: from predatory model to sustainable model”.

Professors: Mosè Ricci, Maurizio Carta and Agnese Senerchia. WEBINAR LINK

June 30 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Università D’Annunzio.

The industrial system from Abruzzo and the restart after Covid-19. Concrete cases about regeneration, reconversion and relaunch – Speakers: Michele REA, Anna MORGANTE, Sergio GALBIATI, Antonio DI COSIMO, Enrico MARRAMIERO, Gennaro ZECCA, Giovanni TEODORANI FABBRI, Marcello VINCIGUERRA, Simone D’ALESSANDRO (FLYER EVENT) – WATCH THE WEBINAR -> PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3|PART 4 |PARTE 5 |PART 6|PARTE 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 |

June 18, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati.

PostCovid-19. Ethical choices and their consequences: in the companies, at school, in the society – Speakers: Marcello VINCIGUERRA, Eliana LA ROCCA, Gennaro ZECCA, Matteo GIANGRANDE, Simone D’ALESSANDRO. (link:

June 11, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati.

The economic impact of Covid-19 on the territory. – SpeakersGianfranco VIESTI, Carlo RICCI, Valentino DI CAMPLI, Marcello VINCIGUERRA. (

May 30, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati.

How to face the era after the Covi-19 pandemic: inequalities and cooperation. – Speakers: Stefano ZAMAGNI, President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and Academic at the University of Bologna (Link- YouTube)

May 20, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati.

Italy’s challenges after COVID-19: what changes, what remains, what must change – Speakers: Salvatore ROSSI and Marco DI FONZO. (Link- YouTube)

May 11, 2020. Webinar Hubruzzo-Rati

How will work change after the Coronavirus? From smart working to social distancing, what novelties are there going to be? – Speakers: Marco BENTIVOGLI and Diodato PIRONE. (Link- YouTube)

March 23, 2020. “Liceo Scientifico Galilei”, Lanciano (CH). Talks at the Galileo Galilei Lyceum.

Environmental sustainability: stories of entrepreneurial realities: globalization, innovation and scientific research: possible synergies.

March 16, 2020. “Liceo Scientifico Galilei”, Lanciano (CH). Talks at the Galileo Galilei Lyceum.

Environmental sustainability: stories of entrepreneurial realities, agri-food sustainability and environmental education.

March 9, 2020. “Liceo Scientifico Galilei”, Lanciano (CH). Talks at the Galileo Galilei Lyceum.

Environmental sustainability: stories of entrepreneurial realities of economic sustainability and digital revolution.

March 2, 2020. “Liceo Scientifico Galilei”, Lanciano (CH). Talks at the Galileo Galilei Lyceum.

Environmental sustainability: stories of entrepreneurial realities, circular economy and ethics for a humanistic dimension of technical and scientific know-how.

December 17, 2019. Seminar “Quale Città“

Hubruzzo participates to the seminar “Quale Città” to talk about average sustainable cities and their relationship with metropolises and #oldtowns#resilience# local development #re-inhabit


Associazione CIRCOLARMENTE pursues the dissemination of culture, practices of sustainable development and protection and enhancement of natural and human capital. This is done in order to encourage the economic production system and to adopt sustainable policies capable of accelerating the economic, social, cultural growth of the businesses and enhancing the citizens’ quality of life.

November 24, 2019. L’Aquila. Festival della Partecipazione

Fondazione Hubruzzo participates to the Festival della Partecipazione in L’Aquila with “Ideas and best practices to create value in the Apennine.”

November 22, 2019. Pescara. F.R.A. Futuro – Ragione – Arte

Participation of Fondazione Hubruzzo at the Forum F.R.A. Futuro – Ragione – Arte, to talk about virtuous relationships among culture, business and territory.

September 27, 2019. Lanciano. Ethics is good for the economy.

Starting from 4pm, at the Palazzo degli Studi Marcello De Cecco in Lanciano, Fondazione Hubruzzo, in collaboration with the Associazione Marcello De Cecco, participates in the discussions “Ethics is good for the economy” that inaugurates the “three days of economy” coordinated by the Marcello De Cecco Cultural Association. The founding member Marcello Vinciguerra describes the phases of the Abruzzo Etico project launched by Fondazione Hubruzzo. (See attached Conference Program 27-29 file).

September 27, 2019. Chieti. Chieti. Hubruzzo and the Night of the Researchers.

In occasion of the Night of the Researchers, Simone D’Alessandro illustrates the research projects of Fondazione Hubruzzo in collaboration with other foundations and Universities (attached the Event of the Night of the Researchers.)

September 23, 2019. Fondazione Hubruzzo and Fondazione Symbola present the report “100 Innovation Stories: Abruzzo

On September 23 at 10 am, at the Petruzzi Auditorium in Pescara. Fondazione Hubruzzo and Fondazione Symbola present the report “100 Innovation stories: Abruzzo”. The research narrates the quality and the innovation of Abruzzo through stories of businesses, main actors of the regional production system. 100 stories of excellence describing a competitive production geography and relevant to the best made in Italy tradition; capable of developing innovative solutions, and thus renovating itself over time, developing together with the territory, aiming at human capital, beauty and sustainability.

August 1, 2019. Hubruzzo participates to the Conference “Come nasce una impresa 4.0. Dalla ricerca alla responsabilità del fare”

July 5, 2019. Summer seminar and Soft Economy Festival

Hubruzzo Fondazione Industria Responsabile participates to Symbola’s Summer Seminar in Treia (Mc). The President of Hubruzzo, Sergio Galbiati, intervenes on the topic: “civil economy”.

June 28, 2019. AIDP-HUBRUZZO

Hubruzzo participates to the AIDP annual meeting Abruzzo Molise and to the convivial dinner with an interview to Marcello Vinciguerra, founding member of Hubruzzo.


Participation of Hubruzzo in the Conference INDUSTRIAL HUMANISM: CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND BUSINESS CULTURE at the Associazione Civita. On this occasion the speakers talk about the first experiences of Fondazione Hubruzzo and the essay on the Foundation published in the well-known national magazine “Economia della Cultura” published by Il Mulino.

June 4, 2019. Sustainable Development Festival 2019

Sustainable Development Festival 2019. Participation of Hubruzzo at the Sustainable Development Festival 2019. Sessions: Social and Business Responsibility and Circular Economy Speakers: Sergio Galbiati and Simone D’Alessandro.

March 1, 2019. Equity and profit in the business

Fondazione Hubruzzo is present at the Conference organized by the Athenaeum Association and the LUISS Guido Carli University to talk about “Equity and profit in the business.”

February 22, 2019. Human faCHtory. La Fabbrica del futuro.

National conference in collaboration with Innovalley, Fondazione Hubruzzo and Match 4.0 Digital Innovation Hub, Confindustria Abruzzo.

November 30, 2018. Meeting on Carta di Pescara in L’Aquila

November 28, 2018. Conference on “Culture has its meanings “ in collaboration with the G. D’Annunzio University.

November 6, 2018. Social cohesion, art, urban regeneration, resilience and circular economy.

Fondazione Hubruzzo, invited by the Italian Order of Architects, faces the relationship between social cohesion, art, urban regeneration, resilience and circular economy together with the well-known Street Artist Millo.

October 30, 2018. Fondazione Hubruzzo at the conference “Financing art to develop the territory”.

Does culture PRODUCE economy? What tax BENEFITS are there for the companies that restore monuments and invest in art?

October 26, 2018. Fondazione Hubruzzo introduces itself at the University of Florence in the Human Resources Management Master.

Fondazione Hubruzzo introduces itself at the University of Florence in the Human Resources Management Master.

October 25, 2018. Hubruzzo in Florence on occasion of “Cenacoli di arte e management”

“Fondazione Hubruzzo participates at the “Cenacoli di arte e management” event, organized by Aidp Toscana and Florence Management Way in Florence.

September 16, 2018. Conference Bellezza è… Ribellione e Imprenditorialità

In occasion of the presentation of the book “Francesco il Ribelle”, written by Enzo Fortunato, journalist and director of the Press Office of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, the conference tackles the issue of rebellion “ribellione bella e giusta”…

September 10, 2018. Afternoon. Rules and Economy. Legality as infrastructure of the territory

Anticorruption and administrative transparency are the strategic levers at the companies’ and Public Administrations’ disposal to make a territory more appealing from the economic, industrial and touristic point of view.

May 30, 2018. Seminar dedicated to artificial intelligence within the Robocup Junior event.

RoboCupJunior is a division of the RoboCup Federation that aims at promoting robotics and artificial intelligence in primary and secondary schools, by organizing robot competitions focussed on young students (under 19 y.o.).

May 25, 2018. We Drive The future. Event in collaboration with L-Foundry.

LFoundry, ON Semiconductor e Hubruzzo LFoundry, ON Semiconductor and Hubruzzo are glad to invite you to the conference “We drive the future” that will take place in Avezzano (AQ-Italy) in the headquarters of LFoundry, Friday May 25, 2018

May 18, 2018. Round Table in collaboration with various Universities, Abruzzo Region and Fondazione Hubruzzo at the Auditorium in L’Aquila.