Enrico Marramiero

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My father’s example, the bond with my collaborators, the duty to return to the territory

Enrico Marramiero, Sole Administrator at ALMA C.I.S.

“I invite you to never betray your profession, but, to love it, because you can find in it – and if you loose it you will find it again – Confidence…Serenity and Well-being”.

I was 23 when I heard this sentence, pronounced by my father Dante to the employees of the Group companies. It was 1989. I still remember their enthralled look.

I was proud of him, of his ability of transmitting his fiery passion.

That way of engaging the others in a dream called business, has allowed me to continue the journey, when he suddenly passed away in 1993.

Shortly before he had sold his main business in the natural gas distribution industry.

A decision made to give me more leeway, so that I could consider the possibility of further activities in potentially more promising sectors.

He wanted to be next to me, handing over the reins, because he trusted in my abilities.

Unfortunately that one-to-one mentoring didn’t last long. So, at the age of 27 I found myself alone, facing a challenge that at that time I considered difficult to meet: carrying on several entrepreneurial projects and, no less, in heterogeneous areas, from agriculture to the building industry, from services to plant engineering.

The collaborators who grew professionally with him represented my biggest support!

Over time I have been establishing a strong relationship with them, without ever forgetting the teachings of my predecessor, first and foremost: “considering my businesses not simple profit tools but places through which it is possible to give added value to the clients, the suppliers, the local community, the Government; always having as a reference the respect for the environment and putting human beings and their education at the centre of everything ”.

Another teaching consisted in the “respect for the tradition that would have never implied giving up innovation”.

Without these core values Almacis, one of the historical Group companies, wouldn’t have been able to establish itself in the sector of energy efficiency: since its first pioneering steps in the ‘70s, when it became concessionaire of a 15 kW micro-cogeneration system (Totem), until it has become the most important referent of Southern-Central Italy in the sector of co/trigeneration for the number of installations carried out… and the future is full of new explorations!

We are trying to carry on some research projects: one in particular, on pyro-gasification in collaboration with other companies at an international level.

Together with my father’s historical collaborator, Antonio Chiavaroli, we have launched new initiatives in the agriculture sector, with a project on wine bottling, continuing a family tradition that dated back to the last century.

In the Marramiero winery, where tradition and progress coexist, where it is mainly possible to identify the concept of technology and research for the benefit of nature, I can express at my best, together with my group, the desire to combine development, sustainability and protection of an excellent territory: because quality products can’t be developed without human beings and quality territories.

Thanks to my collaborators and new partners met along the journey, today we operate and invest in many sectors: in the construction industry, in the city networks, in the purification plants, in the natural gas distribution and sale, in the production of plastic films.

Marramiero winery and Texol, specialized in the production of plastic films, export throughout the world. Texol has opened a production business in Chile, whereas Almacis is present, through business networks, in Romania, Bulgaria and Kenya.

Today I can say that the values of Dante Marramiero have been resisting in those who have succeeded after him, starting from the belief that the success of a company is the expression of the human being, his or her passion, what he or she does, combined with continuous training. The possibility of ranging from one sector to the other, provided an extra chance, because “the contamination among different sectors” offers innovative solutions, also by simply transferring ideas and technologies from one business to the other…and the history, between past and future, will continue…