In our name our mission

It is spelled Hubruzzo but it is pronounced Abruzzo. In its composition, which hybridizes Hub and Abruzzo, it expresses its mission: to establish connections, to give value to the industrial system, to support research, to attract talents, to tell good practices.

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Berenice Abbott – Grand central station, New York 1936

The mission of Hubruzzo Fondazione Industrie Responsabili

Enhance the excellent entrepreneurial system of Abruzzo inspired by the principles of responsibility, sustainability and humanism. To tell the story of the industrial sector through the entrepreneurs who have been able to “read” the territories by making the most of their vocations. Share good practices of local development and attract talents.
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Aleksandr Rodcenko, 1931

Overturning the clichés on our industry to generate new credibility.

Over a period of forty years the regional production system has reached capabilities, capillarity and density to such an extent that it can be compared to the levels of Northern Italy. All this is not perceived either by the global stakeholders or the local citizenship. Mapping and enhancing the industrial excellences means to build a reputation brand, bringing investments back to the territory and making the community aware of its own value.

Attracting talents from the world in order not to disappear from the world

There are two types of businesses: those that change and those that disappear. In ten years most of the most competitive businesses of our territory could not exist anymore, because of a technological leap or the inability of anticipating change. It is necessary to recreate an entrepreneurial environment, fostering a generational turnover that would pass through a new scope of reading the scenarios. The future will belong to us if we build collaborations with the whole world. Including the other means to support international calls for bids, industrial PHDs, industry research, exchange of good practices, fostering a “glocal” business culture.

Aleksandr Rodcenko, 1924

Aleksandr Rodcenko, 1931

Conceiving industry in a responsible way to trigger a circular economy

An economic system based on self-regeneration: this is Circular Economy. It’s a responsible choice to make now, in order to make our future more sustainable. This perspective is not a luxury but an investment. The growing industry is the one that includes, among its internal variables, the environment too.

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